Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day

01/03/2023by Mila Mykh

Weddings are a special occasion and a day we all look forward to. And most of us have the right plan, from our dress to our hair, our makeup to our shoes, and everything in between. We want to walk down the aisle looking super gorgeous. However, not all of us are naturally blessed with the best kind of hair, and that’s where hair extensions come in handy. With the right bridal hair extensions, you can add length and volume as much as you want in a flash to achieve your best look.

Should You Get Hair Extension for Your Wedding?

To the question should you get hair extensions for your wedding? We say YES!

Hair extensions are the easiest way to achieve your best look for your big day. But if you’re at a crossroads about getting a bridal hair extension, we advise you to talk to us at Beauty Locks Salon . Our professional hairstylists will examine your hair and make recommendations for you.

But most importantly, you should think about yourself first. Would using bridal hair extensions make you feel more confident and beautiful? Or would you prefer to have your regular look throughout your big day?

How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Get Extensions?

We at Beauty Locks Salon generally suggest that our clients visit the salon two weeks before their wedding. This gives us time to plan and help our clients to choose from the many alternatives in our style catalog.  Again, having your bridal hair extension within two weeks gives you some time to adjust before the rigorous bridal hairstyles.

What Type of Extensions Are Best for Updos?

The ideal hair extensions for weddings should;

  • Cause zero damage.
  • Be styled in different ways
  • Add volume and length to your hair.
  • Last you till your honeymoon and months after.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions offer you a very natural and realistic appearance. They genuinely take a look and feel of your natural hair. This is the perfect option for braided ponytails, twisted buns, high buns, and many more if you want a voluminous, cascading hair updo on your wedding day.

For bridal hair extension types like Tape-In hair extensions, you should install them a week or two before your wedding to give you some time to get used to your new hair. Once installed, it can carry you for several months, depending on usage, and you can reuse it several times. Hence, you can wear it throughout your honeymoon and months after.

Keratin Fusion Extensions

Keratin Hair Extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions that may be styled in any way and are entirely stress-free. When properly maintained and installed, neither your hair nor your scalp suffers any harm. Keratin fusion hair extensions have the benefit of producing outcomes that are simply natural. They can be styled to fit any look and are excellent for everyday looks and outings.

Final thought

Looking good is good business and looking beautiful on your wedding day should be prioritized. Bridal hair extensions will give you a show-stopping look leaving your guests in awes and your give your love a bragging right. One of our primary focuses at Beauty Locks is to provide gorgeous hairs for our clientele and deliver suitable recommendations. It all begins with a free consultation.

Mila Mykh

by Mila Mykh

Hairstylist & Art director