How to Choose the Length of Hair Extensions

01/02/2023by Mila Mykh

Hair extensions are your best bet if you’re looking to add good length in a split and have that seamless look like a model on the runway. They are a great way to quickly add length to your hair, rather than waiting for it to grow naturally. And we at Beauty Locks know that picking the right hair extension length can be daunting, particularly if you desire a blended look. Hence, we’ve created this hair extension lengths guide just for you because selecting the proper hair extension length is crucial to achieving the most naturally look with a smooth blend.

What Length of Hair Extension Should You Get?

Before picking, you must consider how the hair extensions will sit and fall against your body. When it comes to choosing your hair, extension length is no one-size-for-all kind of thing. 22-inch hair extensions, for instance, can be too long for you, and yet be the perfect length for your BFF.

Again, it would help if you considered your future styling and trimming needs when you make this choice. Getting a lengthier extension is preferable so you have room for additional style and cutting if you decide to change your style. The more alternatives you plan to have later on for dramatic hair makeovers, the longer your hair extensions should be.

The Length of Your Natural Hair

You have to first figure out the natural length of your hair. To do this, take a measuring tape and place it about 1 inch above the top of your ear. Look at where the end of your hair stops and write down the measurement. This is your natural hair length.

Your Height

Consider your height too. An extension between 12 and 16 inches would be perfect for a person who is shorter than average. While for those in the middle height category, a 20 to 24 inches hair extension length would be ideal. Whereas, for people taller than average, a hair extension length of 24 inches should be their go-to.

Length of the Hair Extensions

Although hair extension length comparison can be quite tricky, but the hair extension length chart remains our favorite at Beauty Locks because it is easy to understand and helps you visualize where your hair extensions would end.

So, this is what we recommend;

  • Pick extensions 2 inches longer than your natural hair to add volume if your strands are thin.
  • For a perfect blend, choose extensions within 4 inches of your natural hair length.
  • If your hair is at your collarbone, choose extensions that are 16 inches long.
  • Purchase 20 inches extension if your hair is below your chest (bust level)
  • And if your hair falls to the middle of your back, go for 24 inches long and above extensions.

What Is the Average Length of Hair Extension?

Hair extension length varies greatly and is influenced by several factors, as earlier stated. An extension of 12 to 16 inches will look perfect for a short person but will look too short for a tall person. However, the average hair extension length is about 18 to 24 inches. This length is great for everybody, regardless of height. At Beauty Locks salon, we have a wide variety of luxury hair extensions of varying sizes that you can choose from. And, of course, our expert stylists can help you pick the perfect length to help you look flawless.

Hair Extension Length Comparison

It is a thing to want to buy hair and another thing to know what length will be suitable for you. You can tell where these falls from the hair extension length chart.

InchesCentimetersStraight HairWavy HairCurly Hair
1235ShouldersChin LengthBelow the ear
1440Upper BackShouldersChin Length
1645Bra StrapUpper BackShoulders
1850Shoulder BladesBra StrapUpper Back
2055Mid BackShoulder BladesBra Strap
2260Mid BackMid BackShoulder Blades


The Ideal recommendation on “how to choose the right hair extension length” is that your extended hair should not be more than the prior length of your natural hair if you’re gunning for a more natural look. Whatever hair extension size you decide to go for, let the professionals at Beauty Locks Salon do the magic for you. It all starts with a free consultation.

Mila Mykh

by Mila Mykh

Hairstylist & Art director