Reusing Tape-in Hair Extensions

09/14/2022by Mila Mykh

With the innovative tape-in extensions, you can now trash your old clip-ins for good! Unlike clip-ins that can be uncomfortable to wear, tape-in extensions are less painful and are super light so that no extra weight is posed on your natural hair. It can be worn without suspicion, even with a very high ponytail. You can now rock all the different celebrity hairstyles you’ve always wanted in a flash without worrying about length or volume. And no one will ever notice that those aren’t entirely your real hair!

Can You Reuse Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Of course, anyone would love to use this over and again, and if you’re wondering whether you can reuse a previously used tape-in extension, then I’m glad to announce to you that, yes, you can! You can reuse your old tape-in extension and save some money. If you take good care of your natural hair and the tape-in extension, you have good chances of reusing your extensions for up to 3 times. I would love to share a few tips so that you will be well equipped for successful tape hair extensions reuse.

Tape-in Hair Extensions
Tape-in Hair Extensions

Can You Re-Tape Hair Extensions Yourself?

Tape-in extension cannot be DIYed and must be installed by a professional stylist with plenty of experience in a solon. That is because tape extensions need to be installed evenly to match the roots of your hair and require special equipment. The hairstylist would section your hair into bits that match the width of the tape-in extension before taping your hair between the two wefts of extension. Strands by strands and section by section, the process are repeated until your entire hair is taped or your desired volume and length are achieved. Installing your tape-in extension requires special tools but chemicals, or messy metal bonding.

Using a tape-in extension is painless, highly versatile, and non-damaging if done by an expert stylist. It is a perfect way to add luxurious volume and length to your hair for a long time— at least until new growth kicks in and the tapes start moving farther away from your roots.

Removing Your Old Tape-in Extension

With new hair growth, you’ll need to take tape hair extensions out and re-tape them. This has to be done by a professional hairstylist who will use a specially tape-in remover solution and hair holding equipment to make the process easy and quick. It also leaves both your natural hair and tape-in extension undamaged. Using the tape-in remover solution, your stylist removes tape extension off your hair, ensuring that your natural hair isn’t pulled alongside.

Tape-in Extension Remover Spray
Tape-in Extension Remover Spray

Preparing to Reuse Your Tape-in Extension

Your stylist will apply alcohol based solution to dissolve tape bonding glue and remove tape extensions. After that hairstylist will comb through the extension to remove any tangles and residue. Then the tape-in remover solution is applied to the extension to remove the old tapes from all the wefts. Your stylist would also shampoo and condition the extension using a specially formulated deep clarifying shampoo and conditioner followed by a thorough rinse. Then your natural hair will need to be blow-dried using a low-heat blow dryer. After that, the extensions are brushed and trimmed to lay off stray hair. Then a new tape is fixed to replace the old tape that was removed, and your extension is ready to be reused.

Reinstalling Tape-in Extension

After removing and cleaning your extensions, your stylist will prepare your head for the re-installment of hair extension. Usually, your stylist washes your hair using a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner for about two to three times. Your stylist will aim to free your hair from any glue residue leaving it sleek and ready to carry re-used the tape-in hair extension.

Reinstalling your tape-in extension follows the same process as installing them the first time around. Your hair is sectioned into bits about 4-5cm in width, the width of a tape-in extension. Every section of your hair is successfully sandwiched in between the double-sided tape extension. Finally, your stylist will reinstall the extension as if they were new and straight off-the-shelf extensions.

Tape-in Hair Extensions Installation
Tape-in Hair Extensions Installation

If you want to switch from clip-ins or wigs, tape-in extensions will be the best choice for you. You should invest in a high-quality tape-in extension and have them installed by an experienced professional— this will improve your experience with tape-in extensions. All you need to do is to make an appointment with Beauty Locks Hair Salon!

Have any more questions about getting your tape-in extension? We’d be more than pleased to help you answer them. And if you need help choosing the right tape-in extensions for your hair type or installing them, Beauty Locks has lots of high-quality Remi human hair for you to choose from, and our stylists are well qualified and experienced at their craft. Scheduling an appointment with us allows you to ask all your questions and get clarifying answers directly.

Mila Mykh

by Mila Mykh

Hairstylist & Art director