Long Hair Extensions Guide

07/10/2022by Mila Mykh

Thinking about getting super long extensions to glam up your look? Maybe you’ve cut your hair just a bit too short and don’t like the look of it, or maybe you’ve got a big event to go to that makes you want to jazz up your look a bit more. Maybe you’re just looking for a pop of glamour to add to your everyday look to keep things interesting. Whatever your reason might be, it’s perfectly understandable! Every day, tons of women decide to make the daring switch to long hair extensions. Not only do they add an undeniable thickness, making your own hair look fuller, but long extensions can be the difference between looking ‘good’ and looking ‘amazing.’ The best part? They can look completely natural, when done right!

If you feel like you’re ready to take that step, boost your confidence and get tons of stares, here’s what you’ll need to know.

Getting long hair extensions

To get your hands on those long extensions you’ve been yearning after, can do it yourself. Your better choice, is to head to a trustworthy, high-quality salon. This way, you avoid the error of buying low-grade hair, as well as the advice of workers who may not know the best type of hair for you to use. Of course, there’s also the risk of your DIY application going wrong, and then your long hair dream might turn out a lot more underwhelming than you expected.

Long Hair Extension
Long Hair Extension

At a salon, such as Beauty Locks Hair Extensions, trained stylists can properly choose the best texture, color and quality of hair for your installation. Many times, human remi hair extensions are recommended for long hair extensions, as long synthetic hair tangles easily and is much harder to maintain. Human hair lasts longer, looks flawless and will complement your own hair much better. Though these are pricier, a bit of investment is always worth it!

You might be so excited to show off your new waist-length hair that you won’t think much about customizing, but this is key! Just a few adjustments can make your long hair extensions look as natural as possible. Here are five top tips for wearing those long hair extensions effortlessly.

Trim them!

Long, choppy extensions are the only things worse than short, choppy extensions. An integral part of rocking long hair extensions is knowing how to trim them properly. A great stylist will know exactly how to trim your extensions against the cut of your own hair to make the two blend together more perfectly. They’ll treat your natural hair like if it’s the shortest layer of your new, super-long hair, so that the two look like they’re growing straight from your head.

Get those shades right!

Your natural hair often isn’t just one-toned. Instead, different shades of your hair color make it what it is. A good stylist knows how to replicate this in your long hair extensions, so that the end result doesn’t look like two completely different heads of hair thrown into one. If you’re taking the leap of faith and dyeing those fibers yourself, be careful! Human hair must be handled with the utmost care, and experienced hair colorist from Beauty locks Hair Extensions salon will do the job right!

Coloring Long Hair Extensions
Coloring Long Hair Extensions

Curl it up!

Curling your long hair extensions is the perfect way to save yourself the tedious blending of straight hair. Curled hair naturally forms spirals and layers, so your short hair will be discreetly tucked away amidst the splendor of your long ones. Not only does it work for blending, but it looks stunning, too.

Less is certainly more!

Walking around with a head of long and bulky hair extensions is the easiest way to make your extensions look awkwardly obvious. Long hair naturally tapers to an extent, so have your stylist feather the ends of your hair to make it lay more naturally. Additionally, using fewer strands of hair also saves you that ‘helmet-head’ look.

Caring for long hair extensions the right way

You’ve finally gotten your new hair installed, and it feels great. You feel so carefree! However, if you want those long hair extensions to last, you’ve got to give them the care that they deserve. Brushing long hair is a must. The longer the extensions, the more they tangle, so keep a gentle brush on you at all times to keep the hair from tangling unnecessarily. Be careful, though – never brush the hair while it’s wet.

Washing should be done at least twice a week to preserve the extensions bonds from damage. Keeping them clean is surely a priority, but over-washing will also wear your long extensions out too soon. Finding the balance between the two is imperative. But most importantly, remember to brush your hair before washing. It will go a long way to prevent hair tangling after the wash.

When washing hair extensions, a sulfate-free, gentle moisturizing shampoo should be used. Harsh shampoos can strip color from the hair as well as natural oils. Condition with your favorite conditioner, then rinse under cold water. Make sure you do not apply conditioner directly onto the hair extensions bonds. It will damage the bonds and will require an emergency trip to you hair extensions salon.

Always gently towel dry your hair and apply leave-in conditioner and heat protector. This will boost the shine, keep the hair looking healthy, and help it last longer.

Now that you have everything you need to know about wearing long hair extensions, you’re all set! Remember – salons are your best bet, less is more, and aftercare is super important. Throw your shoulders back, hold your head high and enjoy the feeling of your new hair!

Mila Mykh

by Mila Mykh

Hairstylist & Art director