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07/10/2022by Mila Mykh

The use of hair extension has become very popular because they give fuller, and longer hair to every woman’s natural hair. Beauty Locks Hair Extensions is committed to deliver hair that will create natural look and fine texture which blends perfectly. Although good hair is expensive due to durability, they are also soft, natural with luster and bounce. With the huge influx of human hair extensions in the market (both online and offline), it is crucial that you know that there are many types of human hair extension and not all of them are created equal.

Origins of Hair

Human Hair Extensions come in several qualities and are imported from various origins. It is the main reason behind the various names like Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, etc. you see on the packs of the hair extensions. However, the source of the hair is a major consideration in regards to its quality. Human hair extensions come from many different origins, with some of the best qualities being imported from Russia and Europe. Such hair is naturally of light brown color that can be transformed into different shades of blond fairly easy. It is also softer and blends much better with natural hair of customers from Americas. Asia, however, supplies the majority of hair extensions, and unsurprisingly has the lowest quality when it reaches American market in different shades of blond. Chinese hair has a denser texture which results in the hair being extremely straight, resistant to curl and therefore, harder to style. Indonesian hair, similar to Chinese, is in high supply  of lower quality and is also less expensive. Indian hair has a better texture compared to the Chinese and Indonesian hairs, and because of its finer texture, is considered a step below European hair.

Processing of Hair

Processing of Hair
Processing of Hair

The technique employed in processing the hair largely determines the quality of the end-product. Most Asian, Chinese and other black hair needs to be bleached in order to be dyed into extensions of other colors. More so, the chemicals used to sanitize the hair and remove its original color are usually very strong and negatively affect the quality and integrity of the hair strands.

Hair Extensions comes in many qualities and as unfortunate as this truth may sound, it remains that “you only get what you pay for with human hair.” The Chinese hair extensions make up for the vast majority of hair extensions supply. These hairs will usually look and feel beautiful when you touch and feel them. They look very similar to high quality hair extensions, but that look of quality will fade and disappear after one or two washes.

Most Chinese hair is collected from many donors, then sorted and aligned in a unidirectional pattern. Because they do not come from one donor, the hairs cannot be aligned in their natural growth pattern. And since hair strands are all going in different directions, the extension gets tangled easily.

To manage this, the hair manufacturers resort to stripping the hair cuticle in an acid bath and replacing it with a silicone coating to give the hair luster and a silky texture. But this is usually a temporary fix as the silicone coating is prone to wash off after washing your hair for several times. After a few days you are left with raw, over-processed, dry and brittle hair which is hard to manage because of excess tangling and matting.

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair
Virgin Hair

The Virgin human hair extensions are 100% natural; it has not been chemically treated in any way or undergone any chemical processing. This type of hair is usually cut off from the ponytail of one donor and is always unprocessed. The hair is meticulously sorted to remain aligned in their natural growth pattern, such that the cuticles can be left intact. This process ensures that the hair remains extra-soft, silky, lustrous, tangle-free, and long-lasting. Unfortunately, blond hair Virgin Hair Extensions are reserved for extremely high-end portion of the market serving customers like Beyoncé or Jenifer Lopez. It is not available for average consumer and all references to blond “Virgin Hair Extensions” are most likely a deceptive advertising tactic. However African American clients will most likely buy black Virgin Hair Extensions at comparatively low prices as such hair is readily available from Chinese donors.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy Hair
Remy Hair

Remy human hair extensions are the best quality of human hair available to average consumer. Remy human hair extensions have been through some chemical processing and color treatments to become hair extensions. However, the cuticles in Remy hair are kept intact unlike other non-remy hair extensions. Remy hair is also collected and processed in such a way as to ensure that each hair strand pointing in the same direction. This prevents tangling and matting of hair. Remy hair also referred to as cuticle hair, will always have longer lifespan and can be re-used more ofter. Unfortunately, most consumers do not have the expertise to determine which hair is Remy hair and which has been chemically altered to look like Remy hair.

Single drawn or double drawn

Single drawn or double drawn is not a criterion to measure the quality of hair. Both types of hairs are collected from various donors, chemically processed, sorted, and colored by manufacturers. Single drawn refers to natural look of hair ends in a V-shape pattern. Double drawn hair is simply thicker at the ends and creates pronounces square shape ends of your hair. The choice between two types of hair comes to individual hair style preferences. Manufactures simply cut thinner hair et the ends of single drawn hair to achieve double drawn. Naturally, it makes double drawn hair more expensive, but has no effect on quality of hair used in hair extensions.

Beauty Lock Extension Hair

We at Beauty Lock Extension, we specialize in Eastern European high-quality, Remi cuticle colored extensions, which are one of the best quality of hair. Our hair extensions come with the cuticles intact, and all hairs aligned in their natural growth pattern; thus, promoting long lifespan and manageability of the hair. Despite being colored, our hair quality remains pure, chemically unbleached, completely healthy, and lustrous.

When it comes to hair extensions, you have a lot of options to choose from regardless of your budget, needs, and lifestyle. However, if you are looking out for quality hair extensions, then your best bet is the European high-quality cuticle colored extensions which are sure to give you the value for your money. These higher grades of Remy’s hair are increasingly in limited supply in the marketplace, but we are proud to offer you only the best quality hair!

Mila Mykh

by Mila Mykh

Hairstylist & Art director